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Milkweed Bugs, Turkeys, and Coyotes, Oh My!


In the grip of the dark, deep-sleep freeze that is winter, it’s easy to forget that a cornucopia of vibrant fauna is right around the corner from our bustling metropolis.

At Fordham,it’s just a 25-mile jaunt to the Louis Calder Center biological field station, which features 113 acres of forest and a 10-acre lake. One of the few field stations in North America with relatively undisturbed communities near a large urban center, the center  provides opportunities for students and faculty to study the connections between human actions and the changing landscape in laboratories integrated within a field environment.

In warmer months, it’s also the perfect place to catch a glimpse of a wild turkey, coyote, or red tailed hawk.

Photos by Jason Munshi-South, Alissa Perrone, and Kam Truhn


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