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Fordham’s Teacher Education Graduates Score High On Statewide Exams


Pass rates on the New York State Teacher Certification Examinations (NYSCE) for last year’s graduates of Fordham’s teacher education programs were recently released in compliance with new federal disclosure regulations. According to a preliminary report prepared by the New York State Department of Education, the pass rate of Fordham’s Westchester campus was 100 percent, while the pass rate of the Lincoln Center campus was 96 percent. The report indicated that 100 percent of the school’s Westchester graduates passed both the Liberal Arts and Sciences Test (LAST) and the Assessment of Teaching Skills – Written (ATS-W). Pass rates for the Lincoln Center graduates on the two required tests were 97 percent and 98 percent, respectively. The reports are part of the U.S. Congress’ new accountability measure to ensure that teacher education programs are producing qualified candidates. A report by the New York State Department of Education on all teacher education institutions in the state will be submitted in October and will include statewide pass rates for comparison.


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