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Chronicle Notes Fordham University Press Book on Primo Levi


The Chronicle of Higher Education had this to say aboutAnswering Auschwitz: Primo Levi’s Science and Humanism After the Fall:

One triumph of scholarship, however, is that it can ride the force of established reputation like a wave, and take us into new dimensions of a writer or subject. At first glance, Answering Auschwitz: Primo Levi’s Science and Humanism After the Fall, a new collection of essays edited by Stanislao G. Pugliese (Fordham University Press, 2011), looks to be more of the same—another deserved monument to 20th-century literature’s most disciplined witness to the Holocaust, that flinty, unsentimental voice like no other. But Pugliese, a professor of modern European history and Italian studies at Hofstra University, offers us a fuller portrait.

The book was published in March by Fordham University Press.


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