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Urban Sociologist Publishes Book on the Detroit Newspaper Strike


Academics, union members, former strikers, labor activists, and students gathered at Fordham Law School on April 25 to celebrate Chris Rhomberg, Ph.D., on the publication of his newest book The Broken Table: The Detroit Newspaper Strike and the State of American Labor (Russell Sage Foundation, 2012).

An introduction was delivered by Dorian Warren, Ph.D., assistant professor of political science at Columbia University and former student of Rhomberg’s.

Rhomberg, associate professor of sociology, read a selection from his book, which discusses the newspaper strike in Detroit during the 1990s. In his book, Rhomberg argues that unions go to the table wanting to negotiate the terms of employment while employers want to do away with the table entirely.

Photo credit: Tom Rhomberg

The event was sponsored by the Department of Sociology and Anthropology and the Urban Studies Program at Fordham, the Russell Sage Foundation, and the National Writers Union / UAW 1981.

Jenny Hirsch


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