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Top Firms Turn to Fordham Law for New Associates


Fordham School of Law is among the 15 law schools that leading law firms turn to most often when they hire new lawyers, according to a study by Brian Leiter of the University of Chicago.

Leiter, whose law school rankings website is an influential source of analysis of the comparative strengths of leading law schools, described Fordham as “long a favorite with New York firms.” Fordham Law ranked 15th among law schools nationally.

In the Oct. 13 report, he attributed Fordham’s presence among the top sources for elite law firms, in part, to its New York City location. New York is home to more elite law firm headquarters and branch offices than any other American city.

“Fordham’s presence in New York, the superb quality of our education, and our fiercely loyal alumni combine to give our graduates virtually unrivaled career opportunities,” noted Fordham Law dean William Treanor.

This new ranking is the latest measure of the extraordinary strength of Fordham Law School and a Fordham Law School education. For example, Fordham Law is one of the 15 most selective schools in the nation, measured in terms of the LSAT scores of the most recent graduating class, six of its programs are rated among the top 20, and it is one of the top five law schools, measured in terms of the number of attorneys working at the top 30 law firms.


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