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Newsmakers : September 2011


Inside Fordham Online is proud to highlight faculty and staff who have recently
provided commentary in the news media. Congratulations for bringing the University
to the attention of a broad audience.


William F. Baker, Ph.D

Claudio Aquaviva Chair and Journalist-in-Residence, GSE

“Fifty Years in the Global Village: Remembering Marshall McLuhan on His 100th Birthday,” The Nation, August 4


Mary Bly, Ph.D.

associate professor of English, A&S

“What Jaycee Dugard and Other Local Writers Learned From Reading Romance Novels,”, July 27

Leonard Cassuto, Ph.D.

professor of English, A&S

“Faculty Immobility in the New Economy,” The Chronicle of Higher Education, July 10

James Cohen

associate professor of law, LAW

“Leaked Documents and Loose Lips Legal Controversies Persist with Publicity in Child-Murder Case,”Brooklyn Daily Eagle, August 16

“Breaking Silence Is Not a Sure Bet for Strauss-Kahn Accuser, Experts Say,” WNYC newsblog, July 25

Elizabeth Cooper

associate director of law and faculty director of the Feerick Center for Social Justice and Dispute Resolution, LAW

“Gay Marriage in New York State,” WNBC, News 4 New York, July 25

Carole Cox, Ph.D.

professor of social work, GSS

“More Grandparents Taking on a Second Round of Parenting,” USA Today, July 25

Deborah Denno, Ph.D.

Arthur A. McGivney Professor of Law, LAW

“Sanity Is Next Issue in Brooklyn Boy’s Killing,” The New York Times, August 5

“Cases Often Rest on Shaky Witnesses,” The Wall Street Journal Asia, July 10

James T. Fisher, Ph.D.

professor of theology, A&S

“Editors’ Picks, Maurice Timothy Reidy,” America, August 1

Laura Gonzalez, Ph.D.

assistant professor of finance and business economics, BUS

“La Crisis de Deuda de Europa,” CNN en Español, August 4

“Interview About Debt Ceiling,” Thompson Reuters TV/ET Now, July 26

Albert Greco, Ed.D.

professor of marketing, BUS

“Final Chapter for Borders; 10,700 Workers to Lose Jobs,” Detroit News, July 19

Robert Hurley, Ph.D.

professor of management, BUS

“Sizzling Summer Reading,”, July 27

Beth Knobel, Ph.D.

assistant professor of communication and media studies, A&S

“Poll: Casey Anthony is Most Hated American,” Action News Jacksonville, August 10

“May Be Tough Timing for Anthony in Interview,”, August 8

Dawn Lerman, Ph.D.

area chair and associate professor of marketing, BUS

“Restaurant Requires Patrons to Sign Contract Before Eating,” Fox Business, August 18

Paul Levinson, Ph.D.

professor of communication and media studies, A&S

“BART Puts Social Media Crackdown in ‘Uncharted’ Legal Territory,” Christian Science Monitor, August 16

“The Allure of ‘House Hunters International,’” Los Angeles Times, July 24

“Marshall McLuhan Today,” The Brian Lehrer Show, July 21

James D. Lewis, Ph.D.

associate professor of biology, A&S

“Evolution Right Under Our Noses,” The New York Times, July 26


Allan Luks

director of the Fordham Center for Nonprofit Leaders, GSS

“Would Lower Tax Breaks Reduce Charitable Giving?” Fox Business, July 12

“Charities Can Be the Nation’s Conscience,” Los Angeles Times, July 8

Joseph M. McShane, S.J.

president of Fordham, ADM

“Mayor Bloomberg Issues RFP for New and Expanded Applied Sciences NYC; Responses are Due by October 28 at 4 p.m.,” New York Real Estate Journal, August 9

Mark Naison, Ph.D.

professor of African and African-American studies, A&S

“News 12 Bronx Segment on Blacks/Latinos Wealth Gap,” News 12 The Bronx, July 26

“Why Teach For America Is Not Welcome in My Classroom,” History News Network, July 17

Philip M. Napoli, Ph.D.

professor of communication and media management and director of the Donald McGannon Communication Research Center, BUS

“TV Ratings: Are We Looking at Them All Wrong?” Huffington Post, August 18

Costas Panagopoulos, Ph.D.

assistant professor of political science, A&S

“Power Play Video: Will Obama Make Congress His 2012 Opponent?” Fox News, August 16

“Dow Plummets 600 Points,” WABC Eyewitness News, August 8

Francis Petit, Ed.D.

assistant dean and director of executive programs, GBA

“Employer Assistance with MBA Tuition on Wane,” Hartford Courant, August 3

Martha Rayner

clinical associate professor of law, LAW

“U.S. Prosecutor Weathering the Storm of the Strauss-Kahn Case,” The Globe and Mail, July 8

Clara E. Rodriguez, Ph.D.

professor of sociology, A&S

“Snail Mail: It Takes A While to Get This Stamp of Approval,” The Wall Street Journal, July 22

Thane Rosenbaum

John Whelan Distinguished Lecturer in Law and director of the Forum on Law, Culture and Society, LAW

“Justice? Vengeance? You Need Both,” The New York Times [op-ed], July 27


Berish Y. Rubin, Ph.D.

professor of biological sciences, A&S

“To Test or Not, for This Rare Bone Marrow Disease?” The Jewish Daily Forward, August 9

Susan Scafidi

visiting professor of law, LAW

“Interview: Susan Scafidi, Professor, Fordham School of Law,” Managing Intellectual Property, August 5

“How Forever 21 Keeps Getting Away with Designer Knockoffs,”, July 21

John Seitz, Ph.D.

assistant professor of theology, A&S

“A Ground-Level View of Catholic Dissent Sparked by Crisis,”, July 26

Janet Sternberg, Ph.D.

assistant professor and associate chair of the Department of Communication and Media Studies, A&S

“How Congress’ High-Stakes Brinkmanship Became the New Normal,” Christian Science Monitor, July 27

Lance Strate, Ph.D.

professor of communication and media studies, A&S

“Marshall McLuhan’s Message Was Imbued with Conservatism,” Guardian U.K., July 26

Matthew Weinshenker, Ph.D.

assistant professor of sociology, A&S

“Single-Dad Courtroom Wins Show Greater Embrace of New Families,” Bloomberg, July 25

Ian Weinstein

associate dean for clinical and experimental programs and professor of law, LAW

“With Strauss-Kahn Accuser’s Story Now Public, Prosecutors Continue Complex Probe Behind Scenes,” Global National, July 25


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