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Hidden Features Abound at Lincoln Center



The Lincoln Center campus occupies a mere eight acres, compared with 85 acres at Rose Hill. But what Lincoln Center lacks in size, it makes up for in denseness, with a veritable smorgasbord of architectural details hiding—in many cases—in plain sight.

In the photo essay “Hidden Features Abound at Lincoln Center,” we presented a series of design elements at Lincoln Center and challenged the University community to figure out their locations. The answers are below.

1. School of Law Atrium Exterior

2. Robert Moses Plaza Clock

3. McMahon Hall Rock Outcropping


4. Blessed Rupert Mayer, S.J. Chapel

5. School of Law Armory Memorial

6. School of Law Atrium Interior

7. St. Ignatius Loyola Statue

8. Lowenstein Center Entrance

9. McMahon Hall Entrance Heat Lamp

10. Laurence J. McGinley, S.J Portrait

11. Soaring Figure Statue

12. Graduate School of Social Service Painting

13. Simple Justice Sculpture




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