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From Alabama to Utah, Fordham Grows National Identity


If this year’s pool of more than 31,500 undergraduate applications is any indication, Fordham is continuing its steady transformation into a university with a national reach.

Once again, the University has drawn large numbers of freshman applicants from areas well beyond the metropolitan region.

There have been significant increases from three demographic areas. The Southern region grew by 24 percent over last year; Southwestern states provided 28 percent more applicants; and there was a 24 percent increase from Western states. International applications climbed more than any other single category—some 41 percent higher than last year.

“These are all regions in which Fordham is just starting to gain some traction,” said John W. Buckley, associate vice president for undergraduate enrollment. “These increases are not just a recent phenomenon for us, as Fordham is experiencing an exceptional run of sustained application growth. We have been cultivating these national markets over time and making steady progress.”

Fordham’s overall 15 percent jump in applications over last year’s pool marks the 20th consecutive year with an increase. As with Fordham, several prominent universities had record application numbers this year, including Columbia, Harvard, Northwestern, and Duke.

Fordham’s shifting demographic sands, however, signify that its national and international outreach is still “ahead of the curve” in relation to national enrollment trends, according to Buckley.

“We are very encouraged,” he said.

Buckley said that Fordham’s No. 56 rank in U.S. News & World Report last year—its highest ever—no doubt contributed to its growing national reputation, but that many other factors, such as academic opportunities, internships, financial aid, campus visits and location also factor into applicants’ decisions. This year, he said, the Office of Admission increased its regional and national events in partnership with the Office of Alumni Relations.

“It was a nice way for potential students in these markets to interact with alumni and get a firsthand feel for the Fordham experience—independent of an actual visit to the campuses,” he said.

With 10,600 applicants, New York State still leads the pack of those contributing to Fordham’s freshman applicant pool. Rounding out the top five states are New Jersey with 4,009, California with 2,646, Connecticut with 1,996 and Massachusetts with 1,643.

Those admitted to Fordham will be notified by April 1.


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