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Faculty Fellows and Grantees Help Grow Research at Fordham


Typically, these pages in Inside Fordham are reserved for in-depth reports on the research of three faculty members.

In this issue, we take the opportunity to highlight nine recent winners of faculty research grants and faculty fellowships. They are only a handful of 25 grant recipients and scores of faculty fellows who are pursuing cutting-edge research at Fordham. These scholars were feted in March during two days of exhibitions that brought their work to the attention of the greater University community.

The exhibitions, titled “Growing Research at Fordham,” are part of a larger effort by the University’s Office of Research, led by Nancy Busch, Ph.D., chief research officer and dean of the Graduate School of Arts and Sciences, to highlight the work of Fordham scholars.

“One of the things that Father McShane has said is that Fordham, as a whole, is too modest about its accomplishments, and that includes research,” Busch said. “These grants are part of a program to help faculty do pilot work—to take ideas from a dissertation and turn it into programmatic research. With the fellowships, we are trying to provide money to help faculty members make the transition to external funding.”

Beginning this fall and continuing throughout 2010, the Office of Research will sponsor public seminars and panels that will showcase faculty research at its highest levels.


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