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Crime and Punishment, Front and Center


crimeThree Fordham faculty members will present their original research on Wednesday, Nov. 28 at 2:30 p.m. in the Lincoln Center campus’ 12th-floor Lounge in the first Growing Research at Fordham! event of the academic year, around the subject of crime and punishment. Deborah Denno, Ph.D., the Arthur A. McGivney Professor of Law, will speak on the use of behavioral genetics as evidence at trial. Olena Nikolayenko, Ph.D., assistant professor of political science, will discuss the unexamined origins of hate crimes. Edgar Tyson, Ph.D., assistant professor of social work, will talk on how police profile the hip-hop community, and vice versa.

The event is coordinated through Fordham’s Office of Research. To RSVP, contact [email protected].


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