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Photographers’ Works Profile American Life


A two-person exhibition of 35-millimeter photography, In the City and The Mother Road: Route 66, will run through Feb. 10 in the Center Gallery, Lowenstein Center, Lincoln Center campus.  The show, which opened Dec. 14, features 18 color and 130 black-and-white photographs by artists Doug Muir and Michael Putnam. The images  juxtapose urban views with scenes from middle America and explore peoples’ relationships to public sculpture.

“These photos are straight, smart, understated lyrical works,” said the show’s curator, Joseph Lawton, M.F.A., clinical associate professor in the Department of Theatre and Visual Arts. “They are images pulled from the real world, describing the real world. The art is almost transparent.”

Muir’s 30-year career has included several solo shows.  His large color photographs depict renderings of contemporary public spaces in large American cities. Putnam’s work features a black-and-white photo essay of a road trip across Route 66 during the mid-1970s. He has traveled extensively in the U.S., documenting everyday life in small towns and rural areas. Both photographers draw their inspiration from photographers such as Walker Evans and Henri Cartier-Bresson, Lawson said.

The Center gallery offers 8 to 10 shows year, all curated by Fordham faculty and students.

– Janet Sassi


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