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Fordham Visual Artwork on Display


Fordham University seniors majoring in visual arts will be on center stage this semester.

Biweekly exhibits featuring work for their senior theses are on display shows now through May 16. The exhibits are featured at the Center and Pushpin Galleries in Lowenstein Center on Fordham’s Lincoln Center campus.

“Students are responsible for everything from coming up with an initial thesis idea, making the body of work that explores that thesis, writing the artist statement that explains the thesis, installing the work in the gallery, designing the postcard invitations for the show and having them printed, organizing the reception for the show, and finally documenting and taking down the show,” said Casey Ruble, artist-in-residence and gallery coordinator. “The opportunity to have a solo or two-person show in a gallery space in the heart of New York City, the art capital of the world, is quite rare, especially for undergraduate students.”

The following students will exhibit their work this year:

Jaclyn Perrone (Feb. 14 to Feb. 24, Center Gallery)
Stephanie Butikis (Feb. 26 to March 5, Pushpin Gallery)
Aubrey Stallard and Charlotte Canner (Feb. 27 to March 9, Center Gallery)
Katie Fitzsimmons and Cynthia Chou (March 8 to March 29, Pushpin Gallery)
Olivia Kozlowski and Jeremy Sinsimer (March 13 to March 31, Center Gallery)
Paulie Dibner and Jennifer Melo (April 1 to April 19, Pushpin Gallery)
Matt Marci and Marika Robak (April 3 to April 18, Center Gallery)
John Roman and Martha Frazier (April 21 to May 1, Center Gallery)
Anne Kunsemiller (April 22 to April 29, Pushpin Gallery)
Kate McWatters and Kelly Weiner (May 2 to May 16, Pushpin Gallery)
Ivana Morgan and Elushika Weerakoon (May 4 to May 16, Center Gallery)


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