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WFUV Stars and DJs Tell Stories Behind The First Record They Bought


Back in the days of vinyl, buying your first record, whether it was a single or an album, was a rite of passage. (Do folks today feel the same way about their first MP3 download?)

Here are the recollections of some of our favorite artists – like Rickie Lee Jones, James Maddock, and Jeff Tweedy – and WFUV hosts about the first piece of music they owned. (Note how many mention Elvis and The Beatles!)

Have you told us yours? If so, you might hear it next week as we feature the stories behind The First Music I Bought from artists, hosts, and listeners during our winter membership drive. In the meantime, visit us online to support WFUV and share your story. Starting January 24, you’ll be entered to win a brand new turntable and a stack of vinyl!

And if you can help us answer phones during the drive, please sign up here. We can promise you some food, a few laughs, and lots of camaraderie.


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