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University Statement on Security Guard Pay, Benefits


Recently, members of SEIU (32BJ) have distributed flyers in support of better pay and benefits for security guards stationed at Fordham University. The flyers are misleading in that the National Labor Relations Board has not certified SEIU to represent security guards and the guards are not employees of Fordham University. The terms of the guards’ employment were established through a collective bargaining agreement between their employer, Summit Security Services, and their elected representative, Allied International Union.

Fordham uses the services of contract guards because it is the most effective system for meeting security needs that vary based on the academic calendar and the schedule of campus events. Summit has an excellent record of retaining its contract guards at Fordham, with very little turnover. Guards assigned to Fordham are paid higher wages than guards at other firms, which enables the University to attract highly qualified and motivated contract employees to serve the needs of its students, faculty and staff.

The University is obviously concerned that its security guards receive benefits and pay that are both fair and just from their employer, Summit Security Services. Though Fordham is not directly involved in the dispute between Summit, SEIU and Allied International Union, the duly elected and recognized union representative of the security guards, Fordham welcomes the campus community’s interest in any issue that affects the University, particularly on issues of social justice.

In its desire to clarify all the issues involved in this matter, Fordham will meet with SEIU representatives, and will continue to meet with Summit Security Services to address the University’s concerns for the welfare of the men and women who staff posts at the Rose Hill, Lincoln Center and Westchester campuses.


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