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University Statement on Race and the Community


We at Fordham are aware that people in the local community and across the country are suffering and at risk. The plight of Black and Latinx people here in our borough and across the country is heartbreaking and unacceptable. Despite our ongoing and current efforts, we understand that Fordham by itself can never address every ill nor meet every need, yet we can—and will—do more.

We know of 27 businesses on Fordham Road that suffered extensive property damage and/or merchandise loss. With Father McShane’s May 30 message, many departments and units across the University began identifying and implementing ways Fordham could work in solidarity with community residents, organizations and businesses, and also enhance equity and justice efforts already underway. For example, led by students and joined by staff, Fordham community members participated in early cleanup efforts along Fordham Road. Additionally, the University’s director of government relations, federal and urban affairs sits on the board of the local Business Improvement District and is in contact with the community board to coordinate the needs of our community with Fordham’s resources. Moreover, many of our students, faculty and staff are native and/or resident Bronxites with deep connections to local neighborhoods—connections that we will more intentionally draw on to collaboratively address the concerns of the community.

The University will update the campus community and the public on our current and planned efforts. We will also share the ways in which we need help supporting our community and neighbors as soon as we have compiled that information.


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