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Transit Strike Contingency Plan: Ram Van Shuttle Service


                     Ram Van Contingency Shuttle Service/Transit Strike
Depart LC                  Depart Penn Station                    Depart Port Authority
7:10am                                     7:30am                                                 7:40am
7:40am                                     8:00am                                                 8:10am
8:10am                                     8:30am                                                 8:40am
8:40am                                     9:00am                                                 9:10am
11:10am                                   11:30am                                             11:40am
11:40am                                   12 noon                                              12:10pm
12:10pm                                  12:30pm                                               12:40pm
12:40pm                                   1:00pm                                                 1:10pm
3:10pm                                     3:30pm                                                 3:40pm
3:40pm                                    4:00pm                                                  4:10pm
4:10pm                                    4:30pm                                                  4:40pm
4:40pm                                    5:00pm                                                  5:10pm
5:10pm                                    5:30pm                                                  5:40pm
5:40pm                                    6:00pm                                                  6:10pm
6:10pm                                    6:30pm                                                  6:40pm
6:40pm                                    7:00pm                                                  7:10pm
7:10pm                                    7:30pm                                                  7:40pm
7:40pm                                    8:00pm                                                  8:10pm
8:10pm                                    8:30pm                                                  8:40pm
8:40pm                                    9:00pm                                                  9:10pm
9:10pm                                    9:30pm                                                  9:40pm
9:40pm                                  10:00pm                                                10:10pm
10:10pm                                10:30pm                                                10:40pm
10:40pm                                11:00pm                                                11:10pm

Pick-Up/Drop-Off points:
Lincoln Center: 60th St. & Columbus Ave. (same location as regular Ram Van service).
Penn Station: The North side of 31st St. off the corner of 7th Ave.
Port Authority: The North side of 42nd St. off the corner of 9th Ave. (near the Holland House Hotel)

The Shuttle will depart Lincoln Center, pick up at Penn Station, continue to the Port Authority and then continue back to Lincoln Center.

In the event of a strike, service will be offered Monday 12/19 through Thursday 12/22. Service will only be offered while the strike is ongoing on the above stated days. There will be no charge for this service; however a valid Fordham ID will be required to board.

For information about New York City’s MTA Bus & Subway Strike Contingency Plan, access the New York City Alternative Transportation Information Center.


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