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Transcending Tragedy


In an effort to examine and understand the impact of the Sept. 11, 2001 attacks, the University has sponsored a lecture series titled: “Transcending Tragedy: The Fordham University Lecture Series on Sept. 11 and its Aftermath.” Fordham’s Transcending Tragedy lecture series, organized by the Office of the Academic Vice President and the Fordham University Center for Ethics Education, addresses issues from the perspective of various disciplines, including economics, psychology, theology and law. Generate. The goal of the project is to broaden our understanding of the issues surrounding the attacks and its aftermath through intelligent, open dialogue in an academic setting. ——————————————————————————– Calendar of Lectures and Related Stories ——————————————————————————– Date Time Place Event ——————————————————————————– May 31-June 1 Summer Institute on Trauma Every Tuesday 6:15-7:15 McGinley Hall, Rm 205A Support Group “Good Grief” Members of the Fordham community share their feelings and frustrations with the tragic events ——————————————————————————– TBA TBA TBA “The Experience of Being Terrorized” Prof. Fred Wertz, Fordham University ——————————————————————————– TBA TBA TBA “Stress and Coping in the Aftermath of the Attack” Prof. David Bernstein, Dave Chabot, and John Cecero, Fordham University ——————————————————————————– TBA TBA TBA Islamic/Christian/Jewish Relations vis-�-vis their Sacred Texts”, Fr. Leo LeFebure, Fordham Dept. of Theology ——————————————————————————– Jan 28 -29 Fordham Law School Auditorium “religious Values and Legal Dilemmas in Bioethics” Several sessions with guest speakers presenting the Muslim, Jewish, Catholic, and Protestant perspectives on end of life decisions, neonatal care, assisted reproduction, informed consent and advanced directors for individuals with impaired cognitive capacity. Dec 5-6 9 am -5 pm McNally Amphitheatre, Fordham Law School Conference: “Strengthening Our Community” Cosponsored by the New York Bar Association and Fordham University ——————————————————————————– DEC 5 11:30 am Walsh Library, Flom Auditorium Gannon Lecture: “Parents Under Siege: The Dangerous World Outside Your Front Door” by Dr. James Garbarino, Co-Director of the Family Life Development Center and Prof. Elizabeth Lee Vincent, Cornell University ——————————————————————————– DEC 4 4 PM Flom Auditorium, Walsh Library “Aims & Exit Strategies in Crises: From Bosnia to Afghanistan” by Larry Hollingworth, CBE, Consultant to the UN High Commission for Refugees and the Humanitarian Projects Director for the Center for International Health and Cooperation. ——————————————————————————– Nov 27 6 PM McNally Auditorium, Law School Harry J. Siever Memorial Lecture: “Terrorism and Beyond” Moorhead Kennedy, former Hostage in Iran, and Louisa Kennedy, Spokesperson for the Hostage Families ——————————————————————————– Nov 13 4:15pm TBA “Defending Ourselves Against Terrorism” Kerry Sweet (NYPD): “The Front Lines of the Fight Against Terrorism: The Changing Role of Law Enforcement” and Prof. Orlando Rodriquez (Sociology Dept. Chair) on “A Civil Defense Against Terror” ——————————————————————————– Nov 13 6 PM Lowenstein, 12th floor Lounge Trauma Counseling: A Social Work Perspective by Prof. Robert Chazin, Fordham School of Social Work ——————————————————————————– Nov 7 Leonard Theatre Fordham Prep Avery Cardinal Dulles Explores Possible Solutions to Interreligious Conflict in his Fall McGinley Lecture on “Christ Among the Religions” Nov 6 3:30pm Great Hall, Millenium Hall, Rose Hill “The Roots of Muslim Anger: Political and Religious Background of Worldwide Islamic Militancy Today” by Rev. Patrick Ryan, S.J.,President of Jesuit School, Abuja, Nigeria ——————————————————————————– Nov 6 4pm John Mulcahy Hall Rm 108, Rose Hill “Afghanistan: Background to the Current Crisis” by Robert D. McChesney, NYU Professor Middle East Studies ——————————————————————————– Nov 3 12:30 pm Lowenstein Rm 518, Lincoln Center Post-terrorism: Psychosocial and Spiritual Impact” A workshop for mental health professionals. The event will focus on the psychological impact of Sept. 11 ——————————————————————————– Oct. 26 12:30 pm TBA Current Conditions in Afganistan by Edward Jirardet, a journalist witrh extensive experience in Central Asia ——————————————————————————– Oct 25 4 pm Flom Auditorium, RH The Historical Sou;irces for the War on Terrorism” by Dr Michal Latham, Fordham History Department ——————————————————————————– Oct 25 12:30pm Law School, Rm 204 The Security Council and Humanitarian Intervention by Fred Soltau of the United Nations ——————————————————————————– Oct 23 6 pm Law School, McNally Amphitheater Love of Neighbor and the Law: An Islamic Perspective from David Shaheed, Esq. ——————————————————————————– Oct 23 2:30 pm Lincoln Center “The Roots of Muslim Anger: Political and Religious Background of Worldwide Islamic Militancy Today” by Rev. Patrick Ryan, S.J.,President of Jesuit School, Abuja, Nigeria ——————————————————————————– Oct 17 TBA McGinley Center, RH “Terror and Conscience” by; Fr. Daniel Berrigan, S.J., Poet in Residence ——————————————————————————– Oct 10 4:30pm Law School Terrorism, International Law and the U.S.Constitution by Eleanor Acer from the Lawyers Committee for Human Rights ——————————————————————————– Oct 3 TBA Millenium Hall RH From Tragedy to War: “A Film and Discussion” by Professor Robin Andersen, Director of Peace and Justice Studies, Fordham University


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