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Three Weeks in, Leaders Emerge in RecycleMania Challenge


Three weeks into the annual RecycleMania challenge, three residence halls currently share the title of the greenest of them all.

According to results released on Sunday, Feb. 5 by consultant Wake Forest, Rose Hill’s Tierney Hall and Salice-Conley Hall and Lincoln Center’s McMahon Hall lead the pack in the categories of most paper and cardboard, most glass, metal and plastic, and least amount of trash per person, respectfully.

Reflecting the differences between the two campuses, Walsh Hall’s 1.92 pounds of trash per person count was far less than any amount recorded at Rose Hill. The students there who kept the most trash out of the garbage stream was Alumni South, at 3.63 pounds per person. On the opposite end of the spectrum was Martyr’s Court, which generated 6.54 pounds of trash per person.

On the paper and cardboard front, the residents of Tierney Hall have recycled 2.30 pounds per person, way ahead of the next best total, Walsh Hall’s 1.18 pounds. McMahon Hall currently has the last spot, with a mere .29 pounds per person.

Like Tierney, the residents of Salice-Conley are outshining their peers, as their 1.06 pounds per person haul of glass, metal and plastic tops next door neighbor Campbell Hall, at .80 pounds per person. Alumni South currently occupies last place, with .24 pounds per person.

Recyclemania continues through March 31. For more information, visit

—Patrick Verel


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