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Thebaud Hall Lauded On Architectural Web Site


Fordham’s recently renovated Thebaud Hall is currently featured on the Web site of the Architectural Record (, link to Expanded Building Types Study). The site applauds the new design of the building, noting that “the use of natural wood and a palette of blues and grays creates a gently modulated modern collegiate image.” The renovation of Thebaud Hall, which formerly served as Fordham’s School of Pharmacy, came about as a result of the consolidation of the admissions, registrar, bursar and financial aid offices into one building. The building will now contain a reception area directly across from a student account area. The aim of this design is to make administrative functions easier for students and staff at the Rose Hill campus. In addition to the structural modifications made to Thebaud, the University has also installed state-of-the-art telecommunications systems. The renovation will cost the University approximately $1.5 million and is under the direction of the architectural firm of Buttrick, White and Burtis. The Architectural Record Web site noted that the renovations of Thebaud “enliven the halls of a well-loved landmark.”


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