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Students Can Register, Buy Books at Same Time


A new joint initiative between Fordham University and Barnes & Noble College Booksellers has made buying textbooks easier for the University’s students.

The new program, Registration Integration, links Fordham’s course registration website right to the bookstore’s website, enabling students to see detailed information on a course’s books. The program is available as of Feb. 10, 2011, on all three of Fordham’s campuses.

In initiating the program, Fordham joins hundreds of colleges around the country using a similar setup.

“This should make it easier for students to plan their textbook purchases ahead of time and have access to information they need to make choices about how to manage costs,” said Nicola Pitchford, Ph.D., associate vice president and associate chief academic officer. “Book purchasing for students should be less stressful, and faculty will be more able to count on students having the reading in hand from the first day of class.”

Here’s how it works: once a student registers for classes on line, an option link appears ( offering a list of textbooks needed for that particular course. If a student chooses to purchase their books from B&N, they can select the books they want in their preferred format (new, used, digital). They also have the option to have them shipped or to pick them up at the campus bookstore.

Book orders are ready for pickup or shipping approximately two weeks before the start of classes. Delivery fees apply to books being shipped, but there is no charge for books that are picked up at campus stores. For more information please call (718) 817-3400.

“We have been working on this issue for some months to provide students an efficient  way to obtain textbook information  at the time they  register for a course,” said Robert Steves, assistant treasurer at Fordham. “The new registration integration system meets that goal.”


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