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St. Patrick’s Day Is Not the Day to Contract COVID-19


Dear Fordham Students,

We know it has been a long year, and that St. Patrick’s Day may seem like a long overdue
opportunity to socialize with classmates and friends in the many establishments near campus and
in the city in general. Please don’t.

The University saw a spike in positive COVID-19 tests today, almost exclusively among
students. We ask you to remember that this is still a potentially fatal disease, and one you may
unknowingly transmit to your loved ones and friends.

Please continue to avoid large gatherings and to observe mask and social distancing precautions.
Summer, and the promise of readily available vaccines, is on the horizon. By showing restraint
today, and in the weeks to come, you can help insure that we can complete the semester without
another pause of in-person activities.

Happy St. Patrick’s Day, and thank you, in advance, for helping us to keep you and the campus
community safe and healthy.


John Carroll, Associate Vice President
Fordham Public Safety


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