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Rose Hill’s Red-Tailed Hawks in Pictures


Fordham University has been home to a pair of red-tailed hawks since 2005. Originally the hawks, nicknamed Hawkeye and Rose, nested in an old oak tree at the Rose Hill campus. Last year they built a new nest in the Collins Auditorium pediment and produced three hatchlings. This year Hawkeye and Rose had three more eyasses, or nestling hawks. Throughout the spring and summer photographer Lincoln Karim has been chronicling the life of the young family at Rose Hill.

In early May, Hawkeye and Rose expanded their Fordham family by three.

Feeding TimeFor the remainder of the month, the adult hawks were busy finding food and feeding the hungry eyasses, or nestling hawks.


Ready To Fledge

By early June, however, the young hawks were ready to take wing and fledge the nest.

Stationed on the CrossDespite taking flight and earning a measure of freedom in June, the young hawks were never far from Rose and Hawkeye’s sight as mom (left) and dad (right) perch on the cross with one of their offspring.




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