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Rose Hill, Lincoln Center Greet Class of 2010


As Fordham’s Class of 2010 began trickling onto the Rose Hill campus in cars, minivans and SUVs on Sunday morning, Aug. 27, the rain was there to greet them. Luckily, so was the University’s president, Joseph M. McShane, S.J.

Dressed in a blue windbreaker over his clerical garb, Father McShane handed out bottles of water and chatted with arriving students and their parents. “Where are you from?” he asked the driver of one minivan.
“You’ve got Jamestown’s 400th anniversary coming up,” Father McShane said with a smile. “Welcome to Fordham. You’re going to love it here. And don’t you lift a finger. Our students will handle everything.” Read the entire article in Inside Fordham Online.


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