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Rams Heed Cantor’s Call (or Yes, But Can He Play Defense?)


Fordham’s Basketball team has had an amazing streak of wins lately, starting with the Dec. 22 game against Texas State and followed by wins against Georgia Tech and nationally-ranked Harvard.

In Monday’s New York Times, Clyde Haberman suggested that Fordham’s winning streak is in part do to a “talisman”—one who is also a man with a talis.

Daniel Pincus, a cantor at Congregations Shaarei Shalom in Riverdale, replaced Fordham’s choir during Christmas break in singing the Star Spangled Banner. It seemed that, whenever he sang before a game, the Rams won the game.

Coach Tom Pecora, however, chalks up the wins to “defense and rebounding.”

“But we’ll include the Cantor if that’s what it takes to win games,” he said in the Times piece. Read it here.


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