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Inside Fordham Online is proud to highlight faculty and staff who have recently
provided commentary in the news media. Congratulations for bringing the University
to the attention of a broad audience.

William F. Baker, Ph.D.
the Claudio Acquaviva, S.J., Chair and Journalist-in-Residence, GSE

Doris Kearns Goodwin Talks History, Bob Woodward Talks Politics, Michael Ruhlman Talks Food, and More in Town Hall of Cleveland 2013-2014 Series,”, August 6

Mary Bly, Ph.D.
professor of English, A&S

Plot Twist: Scholars Get Serious About Romance Novels,” Chronicle of Higher Education, August 12

Kathleen M. Cashin, Ed.D.
clinical professor of educational leadership and administration and policy, GSE

With Walcott’s Exit, Mayoral Candidates are Eyeing His Successor,” DNAinfo, August 26

Andrew H. Clark, Ph.D.
associate professor of French and comparative literature, A&S

Modern Mothers’ Turn to Scratch an Itch,” The New York Times, August 16

What Next for Alex Rodriguez?The Guardian, August 6

Deborah W. Denno, Ph.D.
Arthur A. McGivney Professor of Law, LAW,

Death Row Absurdity,” Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, August 30

George Drance, S.J.
artist-in-residence in the Department of Theatre and Visual Arts, A&S

Magis Theater Offers a Riff on Aristophanes,” The New York Times, August 15

Heather Dubrow, Ph.D.
John D. Boyd, S.J. Chair in Poetic Imagination, A&S

The Counteroffer Game,” Inside Higher Ed, August 26

John Feerick
former dean of Fordham University Law School and executive director of the Feerick Center for Social Justice and Dispute Resolution, LAW,

New York Law Journal Selects 16 Lifetime Achievers,” New York Law Journal, August 19

Karen J. Greenberg, Ph.D.
director of the Center on National Security, LAW,

Lavabit Founder: ‘My Own Tax Dollars are Being Used to Spy on Me,’” Zimbio, August 22

Cristina Greer, Ph.D.
assistant professor of political science, A&S

Yet Another Democrat Takes the Lead in NYC Mayor Race,” NPR, August 29

Quamrul Haider, Ph.D.
professor of physics, A&S

Radioactive Waste Disposal,” The Daily Star, August 29

Iftekhar Hasan, Ph.D.
professor of finance and Corrigan Chair in International Business and Finance, BUS

Should Competition Policy in Banking be Amended During Crises? Lessons from the EU,” Antitrust and Competition Policy Blog, August 6

Nicholas Johnson
professor of law, LAW,

Gun Control: Illinois Law Requiring Background Checks Among ‘Most Stringent,’The Christian Science Monitor, August 19

Joseph Koterski, S.J.
associate professor of philosophy, A&S

New York City Talks to Share Catholic Perspectives on Art, Beauty,” Catholic News Agency, August 27

Paul Levinson, Ph.D.
professor of communication and media studies, A&S

Facebook Aims to Get the World Online,” Associated Press, August 21

Alice Marwick, Ph.D.
assistant professor of communication and media studies, A&S

Miley Cyrus, Twerking, and the ‘Sexual hazing’ of American Pop Stars,” Alaska Dispatch via The Christian Science Monitor, August 27

Tina Maschi, Ph.D.
associate professor of social work, GSS,

A Sordid Criminal Case Raises Important Geriatric Issues,” The John A. Hartford Foundation, August 27

Carl Minzner
assistant professor of law, LAW

Don’t the Chinese Know How to Stage a Show Trial Anymore?The New Republic, August 27

Jason Munshi-South, Ph.D.
associate professor of biology, A&S

As Humans Change Landscape, Brains of Some Animals Change, Too,” The New York Times, August 22

Mark Naison, Ph.D.
professor of African and African American Studies and history, and principal investigator of the Bronx African American History Project (BAAHP), A&S

Civil Rights and Immigration History Connected,” Associated Press, August 26

Costas Panagopoulos, Ph.D.
associate professor of political science, A&S

This Time, Long Odds for GOP in NYC Mayor’s Race,” Associated Press, August 27

Christiana Peppard, Ph.D.
assistant professor of theology and science, A&S

Ohio Wesleyan to Explore Global Impact of Climate Change,” Connect2 OWU, August 22

Wullianallur “R.P.” Raghupathi, Ph.D.
professor of information systems, BUS

Universities Expanding Big Data Analytics Courses with IBM Aid,” Data Informed, August 28

Martha Rayner
clinical associate professor of law, LAW,

Some of Guantanamo’s Hardest Cases to Get New Look,” Associated Press, August 18

Joel Reidenberg, Ph.D.
Stanley D. and Nikki Waxberg Chair and professor of law and founding academic director of the Center on Law and Information Policy, LAW,

Researchers Take on Complicated Privacy Policies,” via Comtex, August 26

Thane Rosenbaum
John Whelan Distinguished Lecturer in Law and director of the Forum on Law, Culture & Society, LAW,

‘J Street’ Leader Acknowledges that Israel Discriminates Against its Palestinian Citizens with 30 Laws and Separate Nationality,” Mondoweiss, August 27

Susan Scafidi
professor of law, LAW,

Crowdsourcing Evolves as High-Tech Tool for Apparel Industry,” Women’s Wear Daily, August 29

Lance Strate, Ph.D.
professor of communication and media studies, A&S

Red Sox Owner Buys Boston Globe Newspaper: Five Things You Should Know,” International Business Times, August 6

Frank Werner, Ph.D.
associate professor of finance, BUS

“Demand for Half Million Commercial Pilots Over the Next 20 Years, KCBS, August 30


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