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Inside Fordham Staff



INSIDE FORDHAMPublished by Fordham University
News and Media Relations Bureau
888 Seventh Avenue, 7th Floor
New York, NY 10019

Roger A. Milici Jr.
Vice President for Development and University Relations

Executive Editor
Catherine S. Spencer
Assistant Vice President for Marketing and Communications

Director of Communications
Bob Howe

Editor, Inside Fordham
Janet Sassi
phone (212) 636-7577
fax (212) 765-2976

Assistant Editor
Patrick Verel

Senior Staff Writer
Tom Stoelker

Staff Writers
Chris Gosier, Joanna Klimaski Mercuri

Contributing Writer
Joe DiBari

Editorial Assistant
Jenny Hirsch

Contributing Photographers
Vincent Dusovic, Bruce Gilbert, Dana Maxson,
Spencer Lum, Samantha Smith, Chris Taggart


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