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Fordham Welcomes New Faculty Members for Fall 2015


On Aug. 27, Fordham University welcomed 16 new faculty members for the fall 2015 semester for Faculty Orientation Day. The new arts and sciences faculty members, along with their disciplines, are:

Garrett Broad, communication and media studies, PhD, University of Southern California

Anjali K. Dayal, political science, PhD, Georgetown University

Patricia Gomez-Gonzalez, economics, PhD, Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Lindsay Till Hoyt, psychology, PhD, Northwestern University

Yiju Huang, Mandarin, PhD, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

Christopher Koenigsmann, chemistry, PhD, State University of New York at Stony Brook

Marija Kundakovic, biological sciences, PhD, University of Illinois at Chicago

Raymond Kuo, political science, PhD, Princeton University

Haruka Minami, psychology, PhD, Rutgers University

Mohammad Obaidat, computer and information science, PhD, Ohio State University

Alma Rodenas-Ruano, natural science, PhD, University of Miami

Magda Teter, Shvidler Chair in Judaic Studies and Professor of History, PhD, Columbia University


The four new business faculty members, along with their areas of expertise, are:


Andrey Ermolov, finance, PhD expected this year from Columbia Business School

Bill David Herman, communication and media management, PhD, University of Pennsylvania

Danielle Higgins Green, accounting and taxation, PhD, University of Connecticut

Hye Seung “Grace” Lee, accounting and taxation, PhD, University of Arizona


The University also welcomed visiting faculty in arts and sciences and business, and several instructors in arts and sciences.


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