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Fordham Unwinds at Stress Relief Event


Deadlines and to-do lists were replaced by massages and deep breathing on Dec. 1, as members of the Fordham community came out for a free wellness fair at the Rose Hill campus.

The fair, which was also held at the Westchester on Dec. 5 and will take place at the Lincoln Center campus on Dec. 12, featured free massages, reflexology, aromatherapy, meditation, ergonomic demonstrations, DASH Diet information, yoga and tips on destressing at your desk.

A man gets a massage at the Rose Hill campusJeanne Molloy, wellness manager in the office of human resources management, said the fairs were a way to help faculty, staff and administration relieve stress, and as teach them techniques for relieving stress going forward.

“This was a culmination of what I’ve been hearing from people while I’ve been on campus, so we put it all together under one roof,” she said.

“It was really important to say thank you to everybody who works so hard here at Fordham for our students.”

George Evans, director of technical operations at WFUV, figured it had been four years since his last massage, which he took in along with aromatherapy.

A woman emerges from a "Buddha Booth"“A lot of my peers are feeling overworked, and there’s so much stress to get things done. And then you have the holidays on top of that,” he said.

“This just took about 20 percent off the top though. I’m feeling really good right now.”

Amber Crow, resident director in the office of residential life, came for a massage, but took advantage of both foot and hand reflexology as well. The week had been particularly stressful, so it was an especially welcome break, she said.

“The massage was probably the most amazing thing I’ve ever done. I never relax, but I feel like I was able to go somewhere and really reflect on all of the good things that I have in my life,” she said.

A woman gets reflexology done on her feet“It’s physical, but it’s also a mental break, which was really nice on Friday. The massage therapist was like, ‘For the rest of the day, be in ‘Amber land,’ and concentrate on yourself.’”

Steve Buckley, manager of the IT department’s call center, came to the fair to learn more about the DASH diet, and to also get ideas for how to get his teenage son to eat better. He also spoke at length with an ergonomics expert.

“I do a lot of sitting at work, and I’m tall, so I just wanted to find out ways I can improve my posture, to see if there are any benefits to different types of furniture,” he said.

Attendees sample the aromatherapy table at a wellness fair at Rose HillMichelle Tomlinson, a financial analyst, took advantage of massage and reflexology, as well as the, “Buddha Booth,” a pod-like structure where a person can retreat for three minute intervals of quiet, guided meditation. She said this time of year is always stressful, because in addition to the normal holiday stress, she’s also responsible for an audit.

“I had the opportunity to just relax for a few minutes, focus on my breathing,” she said.

“It is a little weird to go back to work, but I do have some more clarity after the Buddha booth, so I’m sure the next project that I have to finish will be even better.”

The Lincoln Center wellness fair will take place from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. tomorrow at Fordham Law School, room 2-01B. To schedule a massage, visit


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