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Fordham Professor Awarded Museum Fellowship


Nina Rowe, Ph.D., assistant professor of art history in the Department of Art History and Music, has been awarded The Sylvan C. Coleman and Pamela Coleman Memorial Fund Art History Fellowship by the Metropolitan Museum of Art (MMA) for her scholarship on allegorical personifications of the church and the synagogue.

Rowe, who teaches undergraduates in art history and graduate students through the Center for Medieval Studies in the Graduate School of of Arts and Sciences, will spend the 2007-2008 school year completing her book, The Jew and the Cathedral: Synagoga, Ecclesia and Medieval Viewers. The study investigates Christian ideas about Jews in the 13th century.

The MMA’s Fellowship Program offers senior scholars from the United States a chance to research art history, archeology and art conservation through projects that relate in some way to the Museum’s collection. Rowe, who has taught at Fordham since 2004, will undertake research in France and Germany and return to New York to work at the Museum’s Watson Library.

“It’s a great honor and real thrill to be a Met Fellow,” said Rowe, who said she has been going to the Museum since she was small. “It’s one of the places I feel most at home in this city, [so]this makes the fellowship all the more meaningful.”


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