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Faculty in the News


Inside Fordham Online is proud to highlight faculty and staff who have recently provided commentary in the news media. Congratulations for bringing the University to the attention of a broad audience.

William F. Baker, Ph.D.,
the Claudio Acquaviva Chair, S.J., and Journalist-in-Residence, GSE,

The Road to a Fast Track on the Web,” The New York Times, April 29

James J. Brudney,
professor of law, LAW,

Union Effort at Northwestern May Not Mean Much for Public Colleges,” The New York Times, April 26

David V. Budescu, Ph.D.,
the Anne Anastasi Professor of Psychometrics and Quantitative Psychology, A&S,

Study: It is ‘Very Likely’ That Scientists are Confusing Us About Global Warming,” Mother Jones, April 29

James Cohen,
associate professor of law, LAW,

Gibson Dunn May Be Forced to Give Up Bridgegate Docs,” Law 360, April 8

Mark Conrad,
professor of legal and ethical studies, BUS,

New Guard of Owners Could Be Key in Sterling’s Fate,” The New York Times, April 28

George Demacopoulos, Ph.D.,
professor of theology, A&S,

Who Really Put the Pope in Charge?” The Daily Beast, April 27

Deborah W. Denno, Ph.D.,
Arthur A. McGivney Professor of Law, LAW,

Oklahoma Halts Double Execution After One is Botched,” Los Angeles Times, April 30

Mitchell Fillet,
lecturer in finance and business economics, BUS,

More Brick and Mortar Stores Closing in NYC,” NBC, April 10

Heather Gautney, Ph.D.,
associate professor of sociology, A&S,

Invitation to a Dialogue: Unequal Schooling,” The New York Times, April 21

Laura Gonzalez, Ph.D.,
assistant professor of finance, BUS,

The Most & Least Financially Literate States in America,” WalletHub, April 23

Bruce Green,
Louis Stein Professor and director of the Stein Center for Law and Ethics, LAW,

Experiential Learning: Practice Makes Perfect,” New York Law Journal, April 21

Christina Greer, Ph.D.,
assistant professor of political science, A&S,

The Politics of the Gender Wage Gap,” Melissa Harris-Perry/MSNBC, April 12

Tanya Hernandez, Ph.D.,
professor of law, LAW,

‘Stereotype Threat’ is Not Easily Countered,” The New York Times, April 27

J. Patrick Hornbeck, Ph.D.,
associate professor of theology, A&S,

The Changing Religious Sentiment in the U.S.The Wall Street Journal, April 18

Amir H. Idris, Ph.D.,
professor of African and African American studies, A&S,

Blaming the Victims: The Tragedy of IDPs in South Sudan,” Sudan Tribune, April 28

Thomas H. Lee,
Leitner Family Professor of International Law and director of graduate and international studies, LAW,

Lee on the Alien Tort Statute & the Judicial Role in Foreign Policy,” Legal Theory Blog, April 29

Paul Levinson, Ph.D.,
professor of communication and media studies, A&S,

Stephen Colbert to Take Over ‘Late Show.’ But Who is Stephen Colbert, Really?The Christian Science Monitor, April 10

Timothy Malefyt, Ph.D.,
visiting associate professor of marketing, BUS,

Today’s Burning Question: Key Takeaway from the New IAB Internet Advertising Revenue Report?” Adotas, April 14

Elizabeth Maresca,
clinical associate professor of law, LAW,

As Cuts and New Duties Strain IRS, Chance of Audit Relatively Low,” PBS via Associated Press 04-13-14

Mark Naison, Ph.D.,
professor of African and African American Studies and history, and principal investigator of the Bronx African American History Project (BAAHP), A&S,

Louis C.K.: Common Core Makes My Kids Cry,” Long Island Press, April 29

Michael Peppard, Ph.D.,
assistant professor of theology, A&S,

Analysis: Conservatives Squawk Over Pope’s Tweet on Inequality,” The Washington Post, April 29

Guy Robinson, Ph.D.,
instructor of biology, A&S,

Fordham University Professor Develops Device to Track Localized Pollen Levels,” CBS, April 4

Mark Street,
associate professor of visual arts, A&S,

Military Veterans Bring Value to the Classroom,” The Chronicle of Higher Education, April 21

Harold Takooshian, Ph.D.,
professor of psychology, A&S,

Stalinist-Style Show-Trial: Former Top Shrink for FBI to Be Involuntarily Committed,” Veterans Today, April 28

Nicholas Tampio, Ph.D.,
assistant professor of political science, A&S,

Why Common Core Tests are Bad,” CNN, April 24

Zephyr Teachout,
associate professor of law, LAW,

What John Roberts Doesn’t Get About Corruption,” Politico Magazine, April 14

Stanley Veliotis, Ph.D.,
associate professor of accounting and taxation, BUS,

5 Things You Need to Know Tuesday,” USA Today, April 15


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