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Commuter Student Lobbies for Better Bus Connections


At a recent event held by the Commuter Student Association, a speaker wanted to know how long it took the commuters to get to Rose Hill. He asked, by show of hands, how many students took a half hour or less to get to campus. A few hands went up. But when he asked asked who spent two hours or more to get to school, only first-year Fordham Colllege at Rose Hill student Stephen Popa raised his hand.

Popa commutes to Rose Hill from Little Neck, Queens. Some days it takes up to three hours for him to get to campus by public transportation. A commute that would take 30 minutes by car is made all the more arduous by by MTA buses that don’t synch with the Long Island Rail Road train schedule, he said. He’s rallied support from members from Community Board 11 in Queens to get the MTA to study the problem.


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