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Noted Physicist to Deliver Gannon Lecture


Award-winning physicist Paul C. W. Chu, Ph.D. (GSAS ’65), will deliver the 2008 Spring Gannon Lecture, “An Odyssey of Discovery,” at 6 p.m. on Friday, March 28 in Tognino Hall on the Rose Hill campus.

Chu is the recipient of the National Medal of Science, the top honor bestowed upon scientists in the United States, for his work in achieving superconductivity at high temperatures. Chu serves as president of Hong Kong University of Science and Technology, the T.L.L. Temple Chair of Science at the University of Houston and the executive director of Texas Center for Superconductivity. A native of Hunan, China, Chu has won numerous international awards and honors, including the International Prize for New Materials. He holds several honorary degrees, including one he received from Fordham in 1988.

Prior to his lecture, Chu will participate in a panel discussion on “Emerging Science and Science Emergence in the 21st Century,” at 3:15 p.m. in Keating Hall. Chu is joined by panelists Praveen Chaudhari, Sc.D., former director of Brookhaven Laboratory, and Ellis Rubenstein, Ph.D., president of the New York Academy of Sciences, in a discussion on how each rose to the tops of their respective fields.

The Gannon Lecture is part of Communitas ’08, an annual celebration for alumni, faculty and students of the Graduate School of Arts and Sciences, to be held at Rose Hill on March 28 and 29. This year’s event features a Science Alumni Reunion and an international dinner. For further information see the Communitas website.


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