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Fordham’s ITAC to Host Technology Conference


The Annual Technology Conference sponsored by Instructional Technology Academic Computing (ITAC), a division of Fordham University’s Department of Information Technology (IT), takes place on the Lincoln Center campus on Tuesday, May 22.

The daylong conference features a keynote speech on the Millennial Generation (students born between 1979 to 1994,) by Richard Sweeney, university librarian, New Jersey Institute of Technology, followed by a series of faculty and student panel discussions. Sweeney has conducted more than 35 nationwide focus groups on the rapidly changing technology user behaviors of millenials.  His work has been the subject of articles in The Chronicle of Higher Education and the New Jersey Star Ledger. He is the former vice provost of information and library services at Polytechnic University, Brooklyn N.Y.

The conference will host concurrent afternoon sessions in various technology applications, including Blackboard and Competency Assessment in Distance Education (CADE).

For further information and a full schedule, contact the IT’s conference website, or e-mail[email protected] to register.


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