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IPED Students Visit South Africa


With the cable car closed for repairs, Fordham IPED students
Jenna, Lorena, Juls, Iurii, Danielle, Deana, and Evan
had to scale by foot the 3,558 foot Table Mountain.
Contributed Photo  

If South Africa is the next big thing for business, Fordham students will know for sure.

As part of the Graduate Program in International Political Economy and Development’s (IPED) emerging markets program, 14 Fordham graduate and undergraduate students are spending three weeks in South Africa studying alongside 20 students from there.
Their focus has been on the country’s macroeconomic performance, exchange rate stability and the prospects for portfolio investments, as well as in some of the larger emerging markets around the globe.
The trip is the seventh one the IPED program has sponsored, and in addition to graduate students, it has featured undergraduates from both Fordham College Rose Hill and Fordham College at Lincoln Center.
In addition to an intensive set of classes, briefings from business, government, and labor leaders, the students also had the opportunity to visit Cape Town, hike up Table Mountain and take a ferry to Robben Island, where Nelson Mandela was imprisoned.
Once the course is concluded, students will also have the opportunity to attend a three-day safari in Kruger National Park.
—Patrick Verel

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