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Fordham Backs Affirmative Action in Supreme Court Case


Fordham has filed a friend of the court brief with the U.S. Supreme Court in the case of a voter referendum in Michigan banning race-and sex-based discrimination or preferential treatment in public university admission decisions.

On Friday, Aug. 30, the Association of Jesuit Colleges and Universities (AJCU), of which Fordham is a member, joined 48 other higher education associations in sending the signed amicus brief for Schuette v. Coalition to the Supreme Court.

As with the 2012, case of Fisher v. University of Texas, the brief was filed in support of diversity in higher education, and Fordham’s involvement is mentioned twice in this brief.

That year, Joseph M. McShane, S.J., president of Fordham, made the University’s case for affirmative action and academic freedom in a post for the weekly Jesuit magazine America. In the post, Father McShane explained why Fordham backed the University of Texas in its case versus Abigail Fisher, the college applicant who challenged affirmative action in admissions.

The amici curiae brief for Schuette v. Coalition was filed by Higher Education Associations on Diversity. The Supreme Court will be hearing oral arguments on Oct. 15, and will decide before June 2014.


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