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As a parent, you are an important member of our Fordham University family. We understand that your encouragement and support directly affects your student’s ability to be successful in college. We are committed to helping you become familiar with the University and building a sense of community through programs and services that will help you stay connected with your child all year.

We want you to think of Fordham as an extension of your home, and we hope you will share in the rich academic, social, spiritual and cultural experiences your sons and daughters enjoy. We believe you are an important part of your son’s or daughter’s educational process, and consider it a privilege to partner with you in your child’s education. In order to keep you informed and help you feel like part of the Fordham community we have created this website for you.

We hope you will find these pages helpful and that you will sense a closer connection to life at Fordham. Please also consider making a gift to the Fordham Parent Fund. Funds donated to the Fordham Parent Fund have supported scholarships, provided financial aid opportunities, and helped renovate and update facilities to make students’ dreams a reality.


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