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Scholars to Examine Historic Vatican II Treatise


NEW YORK—Scholars, intellectuals, lawyers and theologians will mark the 40th anniversary of the Second Vatican Council’s adoption of the Declaration on Religious Liberty—which transformed the church’s teaching on religious freedom, church and state, and conscience—with a daylong symposium titled “Faith and Freedom” on Monday, Oct. 17, in the McNally Amphitheatre on the Lincoln Center campus. Online registration is available

TIME:     9 A.M. – 4:30 P.M.

Peter Steinfels, co-director of the Fordham Center on Religion and Culture and the author of A People Adrift: The Crisis of the Roman Catholic Church in America, will moderate a discussion between Rev. Joseph Komonchak, a professor of theology at Catholic University, and Jean-Yves Calvez, S.J., a theologian at Centre Sevres in Paris. Other symposium participants include Marie Failinger, a professor at Hamline University School of Law; Jeanne Heffernan, a professor of humanities at Villanova University; Reverend J.Bryan Hehir, a professor of religion and public life at Harvard University; M.Cathleen Kaveny, a professor at Notre Dame Law School; Asifa Quraishi, an assistant professor at Wisconsin University School of Law; Russell Pearce, co-director of Fordham’s Louis Stein Center for Law and Ethics; Melissa Rogers, a visiting professor at Wake Forest University Divinity School; and William Michael Treanor, dean of Fordham Law School.

The symposium is being sponsored by the Fordham Center on Religion and Culture, the Fordham University School of Law Institute on Religion, Law and Lawyer’s Work, and the Francis and Ann Curran Center for American Catholic Studies.

The Fordham Center on Religion and Culture explores questions arising at the intersection of religious faith and contemporary culture. Strategically located at Fordham University’s Lincoln Center campus, the center provides a forum for national dialogue, drawing on New York City’s extraordinary cultural and religious diversity and the city’s unique place as a center of intellectual life, the media, the visual and performing arts, and international diplomatic and humanitarian activities. The center’s co-directors are Peter Steinfels, author and New York Times religion columnist, and Margaret O’Brien Steinfels, journalist-in-residence at Fordham University and former editor of Commonweal magazine.

The Fordham University School of Law Institute on Religion, Law and Lawyer’s Work aims to help practicing lawyers and law students in their efforts to live integrated lives of faith in the context of the challenges of today’s legal practice, and to promote dialogue on issues relating to religion and laws. The institute sponsors national and local interfaith conferences, lectures and programs on religion, spirituality and legal practice.

The Francis and Ann Curran Center for American Catholic Studies sponsors lectures and seminars for the interested public and faculty, and an interdisciplinary concentration for students at Fordham. The center is currently conducting a three-year study, “Passing on the Faith, Passing on the Church,” involving academics, bishops, youth ministers, journalists and “20-somethings,” examining issues of leadership, young people and Catholic identity in the United States.


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