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Wither the Creative City?

Behind the Book, a series of discussions presented by Fordham Law School’s Maloney Library, brought together on October 23 two authors whose recent books tackle gentrification, the role of public art in cities, and who, ultimately, has a right to stake a claim in a booming metropolis like New York City.

The discussion, which was held at Fordham School of Law, featured David Goodwin, author of Left Bank of the Hudson: Jersey City and the Artists of 111 1st Street, (Fordham University Press, 2015), and Patrick Verel, author of Graffiti Murals: Exploring the Impacts of Street Art. (Schiffer Press, 2015) Geeta Tewari LAW ’05, associate director of the Urban Law Center, who served as moderator for the event.

Read the full story at Fordham Law News.


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