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Website to Serve as Resource for Organizations Serving the Poor

Fordham University’s Graduate School of Social Service (GSS) has launched a website offering faith-based resources for the area’s poor through its Bertram Beck Institute for Religion and Poverty.

The site operates as a referral page where members of the faith community, the University and professional organizations can connect with others who advocate for and work with people in need. The website links to approximately 45 agencies and support organizations providing services to groups ranging from the homeless to those with substance abuse or mental health issues.

According to Anita Lightburn, Ph.D., associate professor of social service and director of the Beck Institute, the site will include transcripts from Beck-sponsored conferences, as well as articles and messages of inspiration from programs and congregations throughout the area.

“Right now the site operates for those within the faith community and the University community who want to work on issues of poverty,” she said. “There aren’t too many resources for linkages of resources, and we hope our site acts as a catalyst and a collaborative within the New York metropolitan area.”

Dale Lindquist, D.S.W., associate director of the Beck Institute, said that the goal is eventually to develop the site into a national resource for religious congregations that manage poverty programs.


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