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People In and Around Fordham: September 20, 2010


Babette Babich, Ph.D., A&S,
professor of philosophy, gave a lecture last May on “Nietzsche’s Empedokles/Zarathustra und Lukian’s Übermensch” at the University of Göttingen and on “Nietzsche and Phenomenology” at Concordia University in Montreal, as well as a plenary lecture on “Nietzsche’s Wissenschaftsphilosophie” in July at the Technical University of Berlin. She published “Thus Spoke Zarathustra, or Nietzsche and Hermeneutics in Gadamer, Lyotard and Vattimo” in Consequences of Hermeneutics (Northwestern University Press, 2010).

Anita Vazquez Batisti, Ph.D., ADM,
associate dean and director of the Center for Educational Partnerships in the Graduate School of Education, was one of 12 honorees on May 27 at the National Puerto Rican Day Parade’s 2010 Educational Leadership Project Awards Banquet.

Joshua L. Brown, Ph.D., A&S,
assistant professor of psychology, published “Improving Classroom Quality: Teacher Influences and Experimental Impacts of the 4Rs Program,” in the Journal of Educational Psychology.

Teresa Colmenares, GSE,
director of assessment technology at the Graduate School of Education, led a workshop, “The Tk20 Library: A Systematic Approach to Getting Started in Tk20,” on June 23 at the Tk20 2010 User Conference in Austin, Texas. Tk20 is an integrated assessment and reporting system used by GSE.

Thomas De Luca, Ph.D., A&S,
professor of political science, was made honorary professor of government from 2010 to 2012 at Sun Yat-sen University, one of China’s premier schools. The honor was bestowed upon De Luca during the annual short-term study abroad course De Luca leads for Fordham students each year: “China and the U.S. in the Era of Globalization.”

David S. Glenwick, Ph.D., A&S,
professor of psychology, published “Stressful Life Events Experienced by Clinically Referred Foster Care and Non-Foster Care Children,” in the Journal of Early Childhood and Infant Psychology.

Susanne Hafner, Ph.D., A&S,
assistant professor of German, received the South Central Modern Language Association/Andrew W. Mellon Foundation Research Fellowship Endowment for manuscript research at the Harry Ransom Center in Austin, Texas. She will be conducting research on “Abbot Ellinger of Tegernsee and his Manuscript HRC 29,” an 11th-century codex and its well-known scribe.

Allan Hazlett, Ph.D., A&S,
assistant professor of philosophy, published “The Myth of Factive Verbs” in the May issue ofPhilosophy and Phenomenological Research. The paper won the 2007 Young Epistemologist Prize, awarded biannually at the Rutgers Epistemology Conference.

Amir H. Idris, Ph.D., A&S,
associate professor of African studies and associate chair, participated in a panel discussion on July 17 in Washington, D.C., on the future of Sudan. He also gave a presentation titled “Is it possible to make unity desirable and separation manageable in Sudan?” The paper was presented on May 28 at the Forum on Southern Sudan’s Referendum in Phoenix, Ariz.

Paul Kantor, Ph.D., A&S,
professor of political science, published Las Ciudades en el Mercado Internationale: La Economia Politica del Desarrollo Urbano en Norteamerica y Europa (Occidental, 2010), a Spanish translation of Cities in the International Marketplace. Kantor also published “How Gotham Meets the World: The Politics of Globalization in the New York City Region,” in Within and Without Culture (JATE Press, 2010).

Judith Marie Kubicki, Ph.D., C.S.S.F., A&S,
associate professor of theology, presented a paper titled “Church as Sacrament” in Edinburgh, Scotland, at a consultation titled “Exploring the Dialectic Between Revitalization and Church,” sponsored by the Center for the Study of World Christian Revitalization Movements. She attended Edinburgh 2010 as a delegate.

Dean McKay, Ph.D., A&S,
associate professor of psychology, guest co-edited a special issue of the Child and Youth Care Forum on childhood obsessive-compulsive disorder. He published two articles, “Introduction to the Special Issue: Recent Developments in Childhood Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder” and “D-cycloserine Augmentation of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy in Pediatric Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder: Rationale, Design and Methods” in that issue.

Monica Rivera Mindt, Ph.D., A&S,
associate professor of psychology, published “Increasing Culturally Competent Neuropsychological Services for Ethnic Minority Populations: A Call to Action,” in The Clinical Psychologist.

Francis Petit, Ed.D., BUS,
assistant dean and director of executive programs, presented “Creating the Marketing Executive of the Future via the Deming Approach” at the 16th Annual International Deming Research Seminar in New York.


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