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People in and around Fordham: October 9, 2007


Robert Chazin, D.S.W., GSS,
professor of social work, delivered a paper, “Strategic Alliances to Promote Curriculum Development,” at the 15th International Consortium for Social Development Symposium held in Hong Kong in July. The paper was co-authored with Meredith Hanson, D.S.W., GSS, professor of social work, and Nguyen Yen, Ph.D., of Hanoi University of Education.

Kenneth DuPuy, M.A., A&S,
adjunct instructor of philosophy, has published “Science and Scientism in C.S. Lewis: Some Misunderstandings” in the The C.S. Lewis Society Bulletin. He also received the American Legion’s National Award as the year’s outstanding Disabled Veterans Outreach Specialist.

Gloria Durka, Ph.D., GRE,
professor of religious education, has edited a portion of the International Handbook of the Religious, Moral and Spiritual Dimensions in Education (Springer Press, 2007). Durka is the editor of the first section, “Philosophical/Theoretical Discourses on the Religious, Moral and Spiritual Dimensions of Education.”

John Entelis, Ph.D., A&S,
professor of political science and director of Middle East studies program, participated in the Middle East Policy Council’s forum on “North Africa: Reform, Development and Islamism” on Sept. 14.

Qin Gao, Ph.D., GSS,
assistant professor of social work, has received a grant from the Chiang-Ching Kuo Foundation for International Scholarly Exchange to write a book on the “Social Benefit System in Transition in China.”

Amir H. Idris, Ph.D., A&S,
assistant professor of African studies, has been recognized by Choice magazine for his book Conflict and Politics of Identity in Sudan (Palgrave, 2005). The magazine selected the book one of the outstanding academic titles for 2006.

JoAnna L. Isaak, Ph.D., A&S,
professor of art history, has been appointed to the John L. Marion Chair in Art History, Painting and Sculpture.

Kathleen P. King, Ed.D., GSE,
professor of adult education and human resource development, has co-edited with Victor Wang, Ed.D., assistant professor in the Department of Professional Studies at California State University at Long Beach, Innovations in Career and Technical Education: Strategic Approaches Towards Workforce Competencies Around the Globe (Information Age Publishing, 2007).

Philip M. Napoli, Ph.D., BUS,
associate professor of communications and media management and director of the Donald McGannon Communication Research Center, was recently invited to serve on the selection committee for the Social Science Research Council’s Collaborative Grants Program in Communications and Media Policy Research. He also published a review of the book Reclaiming the Media: Communication Rights and Democratic Media Roles (Intellect Books, 2007) in the October issue of Information, Communication & Society.

William Michael Treanor, J.D., LAW,
dean of Fordham Law School, has been appointed Dean Paul Fuller Professor of Law.

Howard Tuckman, Ph.D., BUS,
dean of the Graduate School of Business Administration, has been appointed the George N. Jean Chair of Business.


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