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People in and around Fordham: June 7, 2010


Margaret Andover, Ph.D., A&S,
assistant professor of psychology, has published an article, “An Examination of Nonsuicidal Self-Injury in Men: Do Men Differ From Women in Basic NSSI Characteristics?” in the Archives of Suicide Research and presented a paper, “Borderline Personality Disorder Criteria Associated with Nonsuicidal and Suicidal Self-Injury,” at the Association of Behavioral and Cognitive Therapies annual meeting in New York City.

Babette Babich, Ph.D., A&S,
professor of philosophy, spoke on “Heidegger’s Philosophy of Science” at the Heidegger Circle in New York City. She published “Women and Status in Philosophy” in the March-April 2010 issue ofRadical Philosophy and “Ex aliquo nihil: Nietzsche on Science and Modern Nihilism” in the American Catholic Philosophical Quarterly Special Issue on Nietzsche, Spring 2010. She gave a keynote presentation, “Bataille’s Sur Nietzsche: War Diaries, Sacrificial Prostitutes, and the Fetish/Fragment,” on April 10 at Duquesne’s Graduate Conference.

Dominic J. Balestra, Ph.D., A&S,
professor of philosophy, presented the keynote address, “Science and Religion in the Courtroom: Some of the Philosophy Behind the Dover, Pa., Decision,” at the Sixth Annual New England Undergraduate Philosophy Conference hosted on April 17 at Providence College.

Christopher R. Blake, Ph.D., BUS,
Joseph Keating, S.J., Distinguished Professor of Business, has published a paper, “The Effect of Holdings Data Frequency on Conclusions about Mutual Fund Behavior” (co-authored with Edwin J. Elton, Martin J. Gruber, Yoel Krasny and Sadi O. Ozelge) in the May 2010 issue of The Journal of Banking and Finance.

Jeanne Flavin, Ph.D., A&S,
associate professor of sociology, has won the American Sociological Association’s 2010 Sex & Gender Distinguished Book Award for Our Bodies, Our Crimes: The Policing of Women’s Reproduction in America (New York University Press, 2008). She will be honored at the 2010 ASA Annual Conference in Atlanta.

David S. Glenwick, Ph.D., A&S,
professor of psychology, and Se-Kang Kim, Ph.D., A&S, assistant professor of psychology, have published “Patterns of Consumer Usage of Homeless Outreach Services” in the Journal of Social Distress and the Homeless.

Albert Greco, Ed.D., BUS,
professor of marketing, gave a presentation on April 30, “The Consumer of the Future,” at the University of Pennsylvania’s Wharton School.

Bradford E. Hinze, Ph.D., A&S,
professor of theology, was elected to a two-year term as president of the College Theology Society.

Carolyn Johnson, Ed.D., GRE,
assistant dean, presented a paper, “What is Going on Here? How Researchers’ Interpretive Methods can Illuminate the Possibilities for Social Change,” on May 8 at the 2010 meeting of the American Academy of Religion-Eastern International Region in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada.

Maryanne Kowaleski, Ph.D., A&S,
professor of history and director of the Center for Medieval Studies, presented a paper at SUNY-New Paltz on “The Origins of Scolding Indictments in Medieval England.” She has been awarded a fellowship at the Huntington Library to work on “The Coastal Properties of Battle Abbey in the Middle Ages.”

Dean McKay, Ph.D., A&S,
associate professor of psychology, has guest-edited a special issue of the International Journal of Cognitive Therapy on disgust and psychotherapy and has published an article, “Psychophysiological and Self-Report Components of Disgust in Body Dysmorphic Disorder: The Effects of Repeated Exposure,” in that issue.

Patrick J. Ryan, S.J., A&S,
the Laurence J. McGinley Professor of Religion and Society, presented a three-week course this past May on “Christianity and Islam” at Immaculate Conception Parish in Astoria, Queens. His Spring 2010 McGinley Lecture was published in Origins 39.

Harold Takooshian, Ph.D., A&S,
professor of psychology, has published “Urban Psychology” in the Encyclopedia of Urban Studies(Sage, 2011).

Warren W. Tryon, Ph.D., A&S,
professor of psychology, has published two articles, “Professional Identity Based on Learning” and “Learning as Core of Psychological Science and Clinical Practice,” in the Behavior Therapist.


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