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People in and around Fordham: April 6, 2010


Amy Aronson, Ph.D., A&S,
assistant professor of communication and media studies, was awarded the 2010 Carrie Chapman Catt Prize for Research on Women and Politics from Iowa State University. The award is given to scholars embarking on significant research in the area of women and politics.

Christopher R. Blake, Ph.D., A&S,
Joseph Keating, S.J., Distinguished Professor of Business, has published “Applications of Markowitz Portfolio Theory to Pension Fund Design” (coauthored with Edwin J. Elton and Martin J. Gruber), a chapter in The Handbook of Portfolio Construction: Contemporary Applications of Markowitz Techniques, John B. Guerard, Jr., ed., (Springer Press, 2010).

J. Alan Clark, Ph.D., A&S,
assistant professor of biology, gave a presentation on “Tracking Birds Migrating at Night Through an Urban and Rural Corridor and Quantifying the Effects of Light and Noise Pollution,” at the Chicago Ornithological Society/American Ornithologists’ Union/Society of Canadian Orinthologists’ 2010 Joint Meeting, on Feb. 9 in San Diego.

Silvia C. Finnemann, Ph.D., A&S,
associate professor of biology, was the Rich lecturer at the 2010 Loris and David Rich Lecture Series in Visual Sciences at the Alabama School of Medicine on March 10. She presented a clinical lecture: “The Aging RPE: Concepts and Research;” and a research lecture: “To Eat or Not to Eat: Molecular Mechanisms Regulating Diurnal RPE Phagocytosis.”

John A. Fortunato, Ph.D., BUS,
associate professor in communication and media management, is the lead author of an article published in the Spring 2010 issue of the Journal of Sports Media titled: “Major League Baseball and African American Participation: Is Free Television Part of the Solution?”

Gioconda Marún, Ph.D., A&S,
professor of Spanish, delivered a paper, “Ruptura de la identidad latinoamericana: Crímenes imperceptibles de Guillermo Martínez,” at Congreso Internacional de Literatura Policial, Universidad Católica de Chile, and has published “El teorema de Gödel y la literatura latinoamericana: Jorge Volpi y Guillermo Martínez,” in Hispania 92.4, 2009, a pioneer article that explores the influence of Gödel’s Theorem on Latin American authors Jorge Volpi and Guillermo Martínez.

Sophie Mitra, Ph.D., A&S,
assistant professor of economics, chaired a session in “Labor Economics” at the American Economics Association annual meeting in Atlanta in January. She also presented a paper, “Job Loss and Disability,” as part of the Industrial Relations and Employment Association annual meeting.

Philip M. Napoli, Ph.D. BUS,
professor of communications and media management and director of the Donald McGannon Communication Research Center, delivered a presentation in March titled “The Academy and the Information Infrastructure for Media Ownership Research,” at Media Concentration Around the World, a conference hosted by Columbia University.

Patrick J. Ryan, S.J., A&S,
Laurence J. McGinley Professor of Religion and Society, delivered the annual Bellarmine Lecture on March 1 at Fairfield University, titled “The Qur’an and Culture: Conflicting Models of A Relationship.” On March 3, he participated in a panel at NYU co-sponsored by Fordham’s Institute of International Humanitarian Affairs, giving a paper titled “From Humanitarian Action and Principles to State-Building and Peace-Building.”

Maureen A. Tilley, Ph.D., A&S,
visiting professor of theology, gave a talk, “Developing Doctrines of Donatism,” to the Patristica Bostoniensis (Boston Area Patristic Group) at Harvard Divinity School on Feb. 25.


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