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Newsmakers: September 29, 2008


Inside Fordham Online is proud to highlight faculty and staff who have recently provided commentary in the news media. Congratulations for bringing the University to the attention of a broad audience.

Fran Blumberg, Ph.D., associate professor of education, GSE,
“Not just fun and games…,” Mumbai (India) Mirror, August 19

Thomas De Luca, Ph.D., professor of political science, A&S,
“McCain’s History of Hot Temper Raises Concerns,” McClatchy Newspapers, September 5
“Obama Close to Picking a Running Mate,” CW11 (New York) News at Ten, August 22

John Entelis, Ph.D., professor of political science, A&S,
“Strategic Interests,” World Defense Review, September 6

Pete Fornatale, WFUV-FM,
“A Good Feeling to Know,” Montclair Times, September 4

Albert Greco, Ed.D., professor of communications and media management, BUS,
“High Textbook Prices: Buying Used May Contribute to High Costs,” Daily Pennsylvanian
(University of Pennsylvania), September 3

Terrance Klein, Ph.D., associate professor of theology, A&S,
“A Space for Inquiry: Catholic Universities and the Search for Meaning,”
America magazine, September 15

Paul Levinson, Ph.D., professor of communication and media studies, A&S,
“Viewers Find Hope on TV,” Baltimore Sun, August 31

Monika McDermott, Ph.D., associate professor of political science, A&S,
“John McCain is Connecting With Voters,”, September 10

Joseph A. O’Hare, S.J., president emeritus, ADM,
“Best of the Bronx 2008 Honoree: Fr. Joseph O’Hare,” Irish Echo, September 3

Costas Panagopolous, Ph.D., assistant professor of political science, A&S,
“Subdued Convention Opens Amid Focus on Gustav Relief,” The Wall Street Journal, September 1
“Little-Known Palin May Be Benefit or Bust for McCain’s Campaign,” Bloomberg News, August 30
“Emotional, But Short on Details,” Denver Post, August 26
“What Hillary Clinton Needs to Say in DNC Speech,” Newsday, August 26

Martha Rayner, clinical associate professor of law, LAW,
“Legal Logjam May Be Ahead,” Washington Post, August 20

Steven Thel, Wormser Professor of Law, LAW,
“Merrill’s Research May Slow Auction-rate Settlement,” Reuters, August 19

William M. Treanor, Paul Fuller Professor of Law and dean of Fordham School of Law, LAW,
“Fordham Law Team Aided Comic Author on Authenticity,” New York Law Journal, August 29

Ian Weinstein, professor of criminal law, LAW,
“Simpson Goes to Trial in Vegas, Dogged by His Past,” The Associated Press, September 5

Frank Martin Werner, Ph.D., associate professor of finance, BUS,
“Delta-Northwest Merger Looking Likely as Congressional Objections Fade,”
Cox News Service, August 19


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