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Newsmakers: November 24, 2008


Inside Fordham Online is proud to highlight faculty and staff who have recently
provided commentary in the news media. Congratulations for bringing the University
to the attention of a broad audience.

William F. Baker, Ph.D., the Claudio Aquaviva Chair and
Journalist-in-Residence, GSE,

“Employees Reward Kind, Not Bully, Bosses,”
The Atlanta Journal-Constitution, November 2

Thomas Beaudoin, Ph.D., associate professor of practical theology, GRE,

“Q&A with Tom Beaudoin,” Publishers Weekly, October 27

Bruce F. Berg, Ph.D., associate professor of political science, A&S

“Mayor Bloomberg had Every Move Mapped Out in Term-limits Fight,”
New York Daily News, October 26

“With Term Extension OKd, Bloomberg Seeks to Mend Fences,”
Newsday, October 25

“Council Extends Term Limits for Bloomberg,” Crain’s New York Business,
October 23

Daniel Berrigan, S.J., poet-in-residence, A&S,

“At 87, Ragin’ Rev. Daniel Berrigan Still Feisty as Ever,” New York
Daily News, November 3

Richard S. Carnell, associate professor of law, LAW,

“GMAC Moves to Convert to a Bank Holding Company,”
Los Angeles Times, October 30

Mark Conrad, associate professor of legal and ethical studies, LAW,

“FCC’s NASCAR Sponsorship Triggers an interesting Legal Hypothetical,”
National Law Journal, October 23

Elaine Forman Crane, Ph.D., professor of history and
director of American Studies Program, A&S,

“When Testimony From Ghosts was Admissible,” Bucks County (Pa.)
Courier Times, October 27

John Feerick, former dean of Fordham University Law School
and executive director of the Feerick Center for Social Justice and
Dispute Resolution, LAW,

“DR Is Focus of Pace Law Environmental Seminar,” New York Law Journal,
October 31

John Finnerty, Ph.D., professor of finance, BUS,

“GM, Chrysler Deal Could Spur UAW Concessions,” Detroit Free Press, October 20

Steven Franks, Ph.D., assistant professor of biology, A&S,

“How to Catch Evolution in the Act,”, October 22

Stuart Guthrie, Ph.D., professor emeritus of anthropology, A&S,

“Many Gather to Ponder End of Maya Days,” Los Angles Times, November 3

“Why We Believe,” Newsweek, October 25

Monika McDermott, Ph.D., associate professor of political science, A&S,

“Barack Obama Leading in the Polls,” WWJ-AM (Detroit), October 27

“Presidential Election Polls,” KCBS-AM (San Francisco) October 27

Micki McGee, Ph.D., assistant professor of sociology &
anthropology, A&S,

“Politics. War. Scandal. Art: Yaddo Exhibit Opens,” The Associated Press, October 22

Patrick J. Montana, Ph.D., adjunct associate professor of management systems, BUS,

“Fordham Offers Course to Keep Execs in the Green,”
Westchester County Business Journal, October 27

“Course Gets Down to Business on Golf Course,” The Journal News
(Westchester County), October 23

Susan Scafidi, visiting associate professor of law, LAW,

“Robots Invade Times Square,” Crain’s New York Business, October 24

“Sarah Palin’s RNC-funded Makeover: A Fashion Do or Don’t?”
Los Angeles Times, October 23

Asif Siddiqi, Ph.D., assistant professor of history, A&S,

“India Launches Lunar Space Mission,” PBS Worldfocus,
October 22

Daniel Soyer, Ph.D., assistant professor of history, A&S,

“Jewish Academics Form Pro-Obama Group,” The Forward, October 22

Janet Sternberg, Ph.D., assistant professor and associate chair
of the Department of Communication and Media Studies, A&S,

“Mundo Prefere Barack Obama,” GloboNews TV Network (Brazil), November 1

Lance Strate, Ph.D., professor of
communication and media studies and associate chair for graduate studies, A&S,

“Debates: Online, Anytime for All Time,” (New Jersey) Star-Ledger, October 7

Benjamin Zipurski, professor of law, LAW,

“Amputee Awaits High Court, Wants Musical Glow Back,”
The Associated Press, October 30


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