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Newsmakers: November 16, 2015


Inside Fordham Online is proud to highlight faculty and staff who have recently
provided commentary in the news media. Congratulations for bringing the University
to the attention of a broad audience.

Michele C.  Burris,
associate vice president of student affairs, ADM,
Schools focus on athletes to help reduce sexual assaults,” Raycom News Network, November 5

Charles C. Camosy, PhD,
associate professor of theology, A&S,
“’Star Wars’ Rebel Alliance: Freedom fighters or terrorists?Los Angeles Times, November 5

James A. Cohen,
associate professor of law, LAW,
Sheldon Silver’s high-stakes corruption trial set to begin,” Newsday, November 1

Deborah W. Denno, PhD,
Arthur A. McGivney Professor of Law, LAW,
Lethal drugs a headache for US death penalty states,” Yahoo!, November 4

Sheila Foster,
Albert A. Walsh Professor of Law, LAW,
Cities, Inequality and the Common Good,” Huffington Post, October 30

Heather Gautney, PhD,
associate professor of sociology, A&S,
Episode 199 – The Republican Party Is Clueless,” Ring of Fire, October 30

Karen J. Greenberg, PhD,
director of the Center on National Security, LAW,
Chicago-Area Man Pleads Guilty in Islamic State Case,” ABC News via Associated Press, October 29

Christina Greer, PhD,
assistant professor of political science, A&S,
De Blasio Backs Clinton as Iowa Forum Looms,” WNYC, October 30

Amir H. Idris, PhD,
professor of African and African American studies, A&S,
Can South Sudan learn from AU Commission of inquiry report?Sudan Tribune, November 2

Paul Levinson, PhD,
professor of communication and media studies, A&S,
“‘Spectre’: What place does James Bond have in modern culture?The Christian Science Monitor, November 5

Michael W. Martin,
clinical professor of law, LAW,
Christie and nurse who was quarantined over Ebola fears face hurdles in quarantine lawsuit,”, October 30

Nisha Mistry,
director of the Urban Law Center, LAW,
With Bronx Businesses Under Siege, A Bill to Stabilize Commercial Tenant Leases,” Norwood News, November 3

Mark Naison, PhD,
professor of African and African American Studies and history, and principal investigator of the Bronx African American History Project (BAAHP), A&S,
Fordham to Offer Course on The Bronx in Wake of On-Campus Racial Incidents,”, November 6

Costas Panagopoulos, PhD,
professor of political science and director of the Center for Electoral Politics, A&S,
Universities getting Koch cash for libertarian economics,” Al Jazeera America, October 30

Christiana Peppard, PhD,
assistant professor of theology and science, A&S,
Advice from on high,” The Source, October 30

John Pfaff, PhD,
professor of law, LAW,
Ending Mass Incarceration Is Not That Easy,” Slate, November 2

Aaron Saiger, PhD,
professor of law, LAW,
Hempstead officials say they did due diligence before demolishing home,” Newsday, October 30

Susan Scafidi,
academic director for the Fashion Law Institute, LAW,
Legal and Social Distinctions Between Costume and Clothing Are a Matter of Context,” The New York Times, October 30

Zephyr Teachout,
associate professor of law, LAW,
Bring Back Antitrust,” The American Prospect, Fall 2015 Issue

Terrence W. Tilley, PhD,
Avery Cardinal Dulles, SJ, Professor of Catholic Theology, A&S,
Meet the 82-year-old progressive German cardinal who has an outsized influence on Pope Francis,” The Washington Post, October 29


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