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Newsmakers: March 1, 2010


Lerzan Aksoy, Ph.D., associate professor of marketing, BUS,

“The Marketing Grades for 2009,”
Adweek, February 8

Tom Beaudoin, Ph.D., associate professor of theology, GRE,

“Planet of Praise: Spiritual Songs in the 21st Century,”
Australian Broadcasting Corporation Radio National, February 7

Leonard Cassuto, Ph.D., professor of English, A&S,

“Robert B. Parker, the Hard-Boiled Professor,”
Chronicle of Higher Education, January 27

Rev. Anthony Ciorra, dean of the Graduate School of Religion
and Religious Education, GRE,

“Church to Celebrate Parish Mission,”, January 28

Jeffrey Cohen, Ph.D., professor of political science, A&S,

“Can Barack Raise His Game?”
Toronto Star, January 27

“Obama Looks Inward at a Defining Moment For His Presidency,”
Washington Examiner, January 27

James Cohen, professor of law, LAW,

“New York Sues Bank of America over Merrill Lynch Merger,”
Christian Science Monitor, February 4

Benjamin Cole, Ph.D., assistant professor in business, BUS,

“Toyota Turmoil May Help Detroit,”
CBS Evening News, February 3

Thomas De Luca, Ph.D., professor of political science, A&S,

“‘Tea Party’ Movement: Lessons From Earlier Uprisings,”
Christian Science Monitor, February 5

“Obama Gives State of Union Speech,”
WPIX News at 10, January 27

“John and Elizabeth Edwards Separate,”
Fox5 News at 10, January 27

Deborah Denno, Ph.D., Arthur A. McGivney Professor of Law, LAW,

“Ky. Lethal Injection Protocol Vague, Experts Say,”
The Associated Press, January 25

Peter Feigenbaum, Ph.D., associate director of institutional research, ADM,

“Shh, I’m Talking to Me,”
NOW Magazine, January 26

James Fisher, Ph.D., professor of theology, A&S,

“On the Irish Waterfront,”
Suburban (NJ) News, February 2

“Tale of a Crusader Who Took On the Irish Criminal Sharks On the Waterfront,”
Irish Times, February 2

Bruce Green, Louis Stein Professor and director of the Stein Center
for Law and Ethics, LAW,

“Lawyer Allowed to Testify Against Former Employer in Arbitration,”
New York Law Journal, January 25

Nicholas Johnson, professor of law, LAW,

“The Public Face of Gun Rights,”
Chicago Tribune, January 30

Sonya Katyal, professor of law, LAW,

“Celebrating Trespassers,”
The Huffington Post, February 3

Paul Levinson, Ph.D., professor of communication and media studies, A&S,

“Michael Vick, Ross Mandell: Seeking Redemption in Reality TV’s Court of Appeal,”
Los Angeles Times, February 5

“Silence Wasn’t Golden When Grammys Bleeped Lyrics,”
The Associated Press, February 1

“Newsday Harder-Pressed,”
Crain’s New York Business, January 31

“The ‘Avatar’ Effect: James Cameron’s Blockbuster Makes Waves
in Cultural, Political Dimensions,”
New York Daily News
, January 23

Mark Massa, S.J., Karl Rahner Professor of Theology and
co-director of the Center for American Catholic Studies, A&S,

“Kenneth Merten, U.S. Ambassador to Haiti, Calls Hudson, Ohio, His Home,”
Cleveland Plain Dealer, February 6

Joseph M. McShane, S.J., president of Fordham, ADM,

“Divine Help?”
Baton Rouge Advocate, February 7

Costas Panagopoulos, Ph.D., assistant professor of political science, A&S,

“60 Seconds With Costas Panagopoulos,”
New York Post, February 8

“President Obama State of the Union Address,”
Fox5 Good Day New York,January 28

Joel Reidenberg, Ph.D., professor of law, LAW,

“Alleged Online Fraud Scam Involves Big Companies,”
CBS2 News at 11, January 27

Clara Rodriguez, Ph.D., professor of sociology and anthropology, A&S,

“Bx. Pols Push for Dollars and Cens-Us,”
New York Daily News, February 7

“Census Budget Bigger Than Ever, But Some Officials Predict a Miscount,”
Hispanic Business Magazine, February 2

Ellen Silber, Ph.D., director of Mentoring Latinas, GSS,

“Mentoring Tackles Issues Latinas Face,”
Journal News (Westchester), February 2

Zephyr Teachout, associate professor of law, LAW,

“Free Speech for Corporations,”
PBS Bill Moyers’ Journal, January 29

Lance Strate, Ph.D., professor of communication and media studies, A&S,

“Leonia Synagogue Reaches Out to Mentally Challenged,”
New York One, February 4

Steven Thel, Wormser Professor of Law, LAW,

“Cuomo Sues Bank of America, Even as It Settles With S.E.C.,”
The New York Times, February 5

Michael V. Tueth, S.J., professor of communications and media studies, A&S,

“In All Things,”
America Magazine blog, February 2


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