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Newsmakers: January 26, 2015


Inside Fordham Online is proud to highlight faculty and staff who have recently
provided commentary in the news media. Congratulations for bringing the University
to the attention of a broad audience.

Charles C. Camosy, Ph.D.,
associate professor of theology, A&S,
Stalwarts: Four lawmakers step up and stand by the March for Life,” The Washington Times, Jan. 21

Leonard Cassuto, Ph.D.,
professor of English, A&S,
Top of the Class: Some of NYC’s Leading Professors Share Their Secrets,” New York Observer, Jan. 21

James A. Cohen,
associate professor of law, LAW,
How ‘American Sniper’ Box Office Could Affect The Chris Kyle Murder Trial,” International Business Times, Jan. 20

Jeffrey Cohen, Ph.D.,
professor of political science, A&S,
State of the Union: Biggest Obstacle for Obama Is Public’s Lack of Attention,” The New York Times, Jan. 20

Deborah W. Denno, Ph.D.,
Arthur A. McGivney Professor of Law, LAW,
Oklahoma carries out first execution since botch after Supreme Court denies stay,” The Washington Post, Jan. 15

Sheila Foster,
associate dean for Academic Affairs, Albert A. Walsh Professor of Law, and co-director of the Stein Center for Law and Ethics, LAW,
Supreme Court Could Limit Discrimination Claims in Fair Housing Case,” International Business Times, Jan. 21

Karen J. Greenberg, Ph.D.,
director of the Center on National Security, LAW,
Why the alleged Boston Marathon bomber probably won’t get the death penalty,” The Washington Post, Jan. 9

Christina Greer, Ph.D.,
assistant professor of political science, A&S,
At Especially Poignant Time, NYC Commemorates Dr. King,” Gotham Gazette, Jan. 16

J. Patrick Hornbeck II, Ph.D.,
associate professor of theology, A&S,
Fordham’s Patrick Hornbeck on Pope Francis/Charlie Hebdo,” Al Jazeera America, Jan. 19

Sonia Katyal,
Joseph M. McLaughlin Professor of Law, LAW,
Who Owns Yoga?The Atlantic, Jan. 12

Patricio I. Meneses, Ph.D.,
associate professor of biology, A&S,
Creating a Lower Cost Way to Tackle HPV Infection Worldwide,”, Jan. 16

Jason Munshi-South, Ph.D.,
associate professor of biology, A&S,
Urban Ecologists Are Studying How Wildlife Have Evolved to Fit Their City Environment, Block by Block,” New York Magazine, Jan. 7

Mark Naison, Ph.D.,
professor of African and African American Studies and history, and principal investigator of the Bronx African American History Project (BAAHP), A&S,
What are all these civil rights groups thinking?The Washington Post, Jan. 13

Christiana Peppard, Ph.D.,
assistant professor of theology and science, A&S,
Pope makes climate change ‘religious mandate’ for 2015,” MSNBC, Jan. 13

Michael Peppard, Ph.D.,
assistant professor of theology, A&S,
Pope Francis says religious freedom trumps the right to free speech,” PRI Public Radio, Jan. 15

Joel Reidenberg, Ph.D.,
Stanley D. and Nikki Waxberg Chair and professor of law and founding academic director of the Center on Law and Information Policy, LAW,
Parents Challenge President to Dig Deeper on Ed Tech,” The New York Times, Jan. 12

Patrick J. Ryan, S.J.,
The Laurence J. McGinley Professor of Religion and Society, A&S,
Pope Confirms Plans to Visit NYC This Fall,” NBC New York, Jan. 19

Zephyr Teachout,
associate professor of law, LAW,
Andrew Cuomo’s Top Aide Lobbied For Firms With State Business,” International Business Times, Jan. 16

Terrence W. Tilley, Ph.D.,
Avery Cardinal Dulles, S.J., Professor of Catholic Theology, A&S,
Cardinal decries ‘feminized’ Catholic Church in backlash against pope’s reforms,” The Christian Science Monitor, Jan. 14

Elizabeth Yuko, Ph.D.,
program administrator for the Fordham HIV Prevention Research Ethics Training Institute and bioethicist at the Fordham University Center for Ethics Education, A&S,
Should You Crowdfund the Cost of Having a Baby?Cosmopolitan, Jan. 14


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