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Newsmakers: April 20, 2007


Inside Fordham Online is proud to highlight faculty and staff who have recently provided commentary in the news media. Congratulations for bringing the University to the attention of a broad audience. .

Abraham Abramovsky, J.D., professor of law, LAW,

Mayor: No Need to Move Bell Trial,” Newsday, March 21

James Cohen, J.D., associate professor of law, LAW,

Three Officers Indicted in Bell Case,” AM New York, March 18

Deborah Denno, J.D., Arthur A. McGivney Professor of Law, LAW,

“Executions Halted as Doctors Balk,”, March 20

Cardinal Avery Dulles, S.J., Laurence J. McGinley Professor of Religion and Society, A&S,

“Does God Suffer Along With Us?” The Providence Journal, March 24

Jerry H. Goldfeder, J.D., adjunct professor of law, LAW,

“Longtime Lawyer to Politicians is Cuomo’s Pick to Police Them,” New York Times, March 24

Stewart Guthrie, Ph.D., professor of anthropology, A&S,

“The God Experiments: Five Researchers Take Science Where It’s Never Gone Before,” Discover magazine, March 28

Bruce Green, J.D., professor of law, LAW,

“Trial Ordered Over Firm’s Distribution of Fen-Phen Settlement,”, March 27

Margaret Lamb, Ph.D., associate professor of English, A&S,

“The Irish Are Like the English? Not!” New York Times, March 18

Mark Massa, S.J., professor of theology and co-director of the Curran Center for American Catholic Studies, A&S,

“Anti-Catholicism’ Subject of Talk,” Times Leader (Wilkes Barre, Penn.), March 24

Brian Naison, Ph.D., assistant professor of African and African American studies, A&S,

“Why U.S Never Apologized for Slavery,” Reuters Global Coverage, March 27

Costas Panogapolous, Ph.D., assistant professor of political science and director of the master’s degree program in election and campaign management, A&S,

“Some Rookie Governors Fumble,”, March 25

“U.S. White House Hopes Follow the Money,” Agence France-Presse, March 28

“Hillary Clinton Sammelt Geld Wie Heu,” Die Welt (Germany), April 2

Joel Reidenberg, J.D., Ph.D., professor of law and founding director of the Center on Law and Information Policy, LAW,

“Court Dismisses Charges Against Former HP Head,” Reuters, March 16

“National Background Checks Offered for Coaches, Other Volunteers,” The Associated Press, March 19

Daniel Richman, J.D., Brendan Moore Chair in Advocacy, LAW,

“Gonzales Defends His Role in Firings,” Baltimore Sun, March 31

Joan E. Roberts, Ph.D., professor of chemistry and chair of the Department of Natural Science, A&S,

“Let There Be Light,” The Brian Lehrer Show (WNYC), March 29

William Seltzer, senior research scholar in the Department of Sociology and Anthropology, A&S,

“Papers Show Census Role in WWII Camps,” USA Today, March 30

“Confirmed: The U.S. Census Bureau Gave Up Names of Japanese Americans in WWII,” Scientific American, March 31

“In 1943, Census Released Japanese Americans’ Data,” Los Angeles Times, March 31

Lance Strate, Ph.D., associate professor of communication and media studies and director of the graduate program in public communication, A&S,

was interviewed on KRCC radio in Colorado Springs, Colo., on digital culture and media ecology, March 12.


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