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Fordham’s London Centre to Host Global Symposium on Derivatives


Fordham School of Law’s Corporate Law Center will launch its first Global Finance Symposium on June 10 at the University’s London campus in Kensington Square.

The free symposium, which focuses on regulations targeting the global derivative markets since the 2007-2008 economic crisis, is expected to bring together representatives from the academic, private practice and regulatory communities of business law to exchange ideas.

“Derivatives were a leading culprit behind the recent financial crisis, and the goal of much recent financial system regulation has been to make sure such an event doesn’t happen again,” said Sean J. Griffith, T.J. Maloney Chair in Business Law and director of Fordham’s Corporate Law Center. “Since many of these regulations are new, the symposium will serve to evaluate what the likely effects will be and whether these regulations can succeed.”

Fordham’s overseas campus was chosen as the symposium’s venue, said Griffith, because London is a leading financial center for derivatives.

Fordham Law’s center has partnered with the Office of International and Non-JD programs, Fordham’s business schools, the London campus and Oxford University to design an all-day program. Among those presenting are:

• Daniel Awrey, Oxford University lecturer in law and finance fellow, on ‘Toward a More Robust Theory of Complexity and Innovation within Modern Financial Markets;”

• Griffith on “Incentive Problems and Governance Solutions in Derivative Clearing,” and

• Richard Squire, associate professor of law at Fordham, on “Shareholder Opportunism in a World of Risky Debt.”

Afternoon roundtables that include regulators from the United States’ Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) and the European Commission’s Internal Market Directorate General, will discuss clearing and transparency issues, among others.

Griffith noted that the idea for the conference grew out of an integrated law and business school seminar on global finance that he co-taught with John D. Finnerty, Ph.D., professor of finance. The venue of Fordham’s London Centre at Heythrop College, he said, can also serve to  raise Fordham’s global profile.

Fordham’s Corporate Law Center, founded in 2001, helps foster the discussion and study of business and financial law through public lectures, roundtable discussions, expert panels, and academic symposia on topics of current interest. The center is co-sponsoring the event with the Office of International and Non-JD programs.

Griffith said that the center hopes to do more global finance symposia, choosing different venues around the world to coincide with issues being presented.

For more information, see the full day’s schedule on the Fordham Law website.


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